2018 Symposium Schedule

All events are at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina
McKimmon Center 1101 Gorman St, Raleigh NC

Friday, February 23 @7PM, DEBATE

With William Lane Craig and Eric Wielenberg

Additional lectures on Saturday Feb. 24th starting at 9:00am with William Lane Craig’s “Philosophical Issues in the Atonement”

Various speakers from Southeaster Baptist Theological Seminary, Southern Evengelical Seminary, Triangle Christian Medical & Dental Associations, and DePauw University will be giving lectures throughout the day including:

  • Is Life After Death Possible?
  • How can a Good God allow Evil?
  • How can Genesis 1 be interpreted?
  • What is the negative medical impact of pornography on men and women?
  • Is euthanasia necessary? (A Physician’s View)
  • Is the Christian God Petty and Jealous?
  • Is Christianity anti-science?
  • Does Christianity oppress women?
  • Does the Bible endorse slavery?
  • Moral Disagreement, Relativism, and the Puzzle of Psychopathy


Schedule of Saturday Sessions

World Class Speakers

Hear from a distinguished panel of experts.

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